Wednesday, September 23, 2015


Wednesday, September 23, 2015


White Dragon Royal Visitor

Symbol of hope, purity and possessors of tremendous power and wisdom!

Greetings, seekers of treasure, wealth, and much blessed abundance!
Thank you for joining me on this exciting adventure. I am honored by your visit.
In the last Blog post, I mentioned, there would be treasure, and what an amazing treasure it is too! But, not quite, in the form one would expect. 

Our Royal Dragon Visitor THE WHITE DRAGON comes to us for a visit from,
the magical and  mysterious lands of Mindsettings! Never heard of it? Read on, for you will!  A place you will come to be amazed by and visit often.

White dragons are considered to be among the wisest dragons there are. This may, perhaps be, because, they are associated with, the light and righteousness, and may also be among the oldest of the Elders!  Sounds lovely does it not?

As I was perusing, the vast internet, searching for yet more ways, for us to learn to get our purses to fattening, I happened upon something, which I can only describe as an awesome phenomenon! I clicked into a video listed, and was instantly captivated by this amazing work, and quite brilliant use of technology! The likes of which, this DragonSpirit has never seen!

Even more interesting, the title of the video was, Ultra-Rich Ultra-Fast! Of course, one had to investigate such a claim immediately! And it was beautiful. I quickly searched out the creators of this wondrous work and came upon the intriguing name, of MINDSETTINGS.  

 The Mindsettings, group specialize in, Self-Development Videos for the mind!
Doesn’t that sound like a really fun job! Being blessed to be allowed in your, everyday work day, to change the world, the universe by developing the untapped, hidden powers of the mind!

And we have learned and been told time and time again, that more gold has been mined from the minds of men, than has ever been minded from gold mines! You have to love it! All the time so often we are inclined to think we must look for treasure, when all along the most valuable treasures, are built in by the Heavenly Father, who made this grand universe! What would be the chances of that?

I told you there would be treasure, great wealth abundance from an unexpected source! That source is MINDSETTINGS !  When you first begin to watch, no matter what state of mind, (pun intended) you may be in, as you watch, in a relaxed state, you are slowly transformed, you cannot even believe it at first, but you start to feel better.

When you are listening and watching the MINDSETTINGS Videos-

Below I give you the information for the MINDSETTINGS  LINKS:
This information is provided---- Subliminal messages, delta brain waves, are contained within these Positive Subliminal Programmes. Please use Stereo Headphones. Relax and let your mind wander.

Mindsettings Links: Movies for your mind that produce results for your life.

Self Development

Special thank you to MARK A. for allowing the wonderful use of  Mindsettings information, providing the White Dragon, and if you have any questions- please contact them at the above links- Mark is a very special being, helping to bring light to this, way too darkened world! Be Blessed a lot Mark!

And now…. the Wealth Visuals----

The weather forecast for today, and every day is great wealth and abundance falling from the skies! Don’t bother with the brollies, just get your baskets and shopping bags ready to collect the down fall!

Until then, remember the words of, Napoleon Hill- “A quitter never Wins, and a WINNER NEVER QUITS!”

And our personal mantra, WE LOVE MONEY, AND MONEY LOVES US! $ay it!

Great wealth and great success be yours, always be brilliant!
DragonSpirit out!