Sunday, December 4, 2011

DragonSpirit's Secret Message!

Greetings all! DragonSpirit here.
Please stand-by, am being held hostage,
by none other than, the pesky knights of
Having to do battle, with a fierce "Black Dragon".
He is under a strong spell, and has been deceived,
into believing, he should spread fear, take hostages,
and cause, the evil and wickedness of poverty!
This is no easy matter. Remember, I am mortal now.
Please pray for me, and visualize, DragonSpirit
free, debt free, and soaring to freedom! To be returned,
to you all of soon. To tell this tale, and continue
our journey! Guard well, because he knows what you
fear, and shall become it!

Until then, I pray you will, be blessed! Remember always,
our mantra- "We love money, and money loves us"!
Continuing the battle!
Kind regards,

PS. Have not forgotten, about "Beware of Spirits"
      Speak to you soon! DS

Knights of Poverty, Fierce Black Dragon


  1. Dearest DS,
    Return Thee safely to us!
    Hold your head up high, even though
    yee be in mortal form, we are proud
    to have thee as one of us! I start off
    the blessings for yee and ask
    THE ONE ABOVE, for much favor for yee.
    As thous has shared the blessings of thy bounty
    many times with more than I can now count!
    My words to thee! Fight back DragonSpirit and we fight with thee! Awaiting your return!
    a Night Traveller! V V

  2. Keep fighting the good fight. It starts with the mindset which you have a great one. So that's half the battle because it will show you opportunities that will help you combat this season.

  3. Waiting anxiously for thy return oh DS,
    and to read the story of the battle!
    Fight on!

  4. Beautiful DS,
    Where art thou?? Please be well and keep your guard up!
    We are all praying for you here in Scotland and know
    you are missed in Draconis..remember these times never last!

    A Cany Scot V V

  5. We cannot wait to read about, "Beware of Spirits!" hope you will be back soon fair Dragoness!

    Prince A H from the Castle.

  6. Hello Night Traveler,
    Thank you so much for stopping by!
    Will return soon!
    Kindest regards,

  7. Dear Sir E.
    As always thank you so much for your
    kind words of encouragement! Shall return
    Kind regards,

  8. Eurailya! Right back to you!
    Thanks for your visit!

    Kind regards,

  9. Dearest DragonSpirit,
    Where art thou? coming by often to see and hear
    the continuation of this magical journey to wealth!

    We hope you are safe, and returning to us soon!

    The Elves from the Hollow


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