Wednesday, August 4, 2010

DragonSpirit Welcome Post

Royal Dragon Visitor

Greetings all, who come,for a visit. Please enjoy your stay!

This is our first DragonSpirit Post. Let us become acquainted
shall we.

Thank you, for sharing one of your, most valued treasures
with us,your time. We are grateful!

I am Dragon Spirit, a Water Dragon. Most Dragons, are twins.
Which means, we come with a double blessing. And so do
you, if you know one!

After a long sleep, in Dragon Mountain, one comes down
to earth, and finds, much has changed! Very much indeed.
Not only that, all Dragon Treasure, gone! Stolen,by some
bit of rubbish,mortal thief!

What is one to do now? Take on mortal form,learn
everything,from the very beginning.

How do mortals build wealth, in these times?
We Dragons, are a canny lot! But,cannot abide poverty.

Seems, we are not the only ones, in this predicament!
Heard it tell...many mortals,sadly,are in the very same
condition! But, not all. How can this be?

Should we embark on this journey of discovery,together?
Free ourselves,from the evil tyrant, poverty?
Which is surely,your enemy as well!

And accomplish the learning together?
Uncover, the hidden places,of the
knowledge of wealth? 

Share in the joy,and let sorrows be?
Together then, we give notice to the world.

We intend to be counted,among those of great wealth.
Share in, it's happiness and joy!

On our hunt for treasure,we seek both knowledge and
wisdom. Of the ways and means,by which we too,
may become wealthy and free.

In return, we are willing to work,both hard and smart.
For it is the only way in which, we may accomplish, our
heart's desire! Still with me? Good!

In humility,  let us repeat often the,the powerful, secret,
mantras. “We love money, and money loves us!” Say it!
And, say it often.

We desire to become, very close,personal friends with this,
 "money". I like the sound of that, don't you?

There was once a man of wisdom, whose words, we shall be
closely examining on our quest. He wrote a very famous book.

The book, is well known, both far and wide, in many
languages, even in Draconis! It is called, Think and Grow Rich!

The writer's name, was Napoleon Hill. He spoke these words, which
we, would do well, to remember.

     "A quitter never Wins. And a Winner, never quits!"

From  this moment on -we choose, to WIN!

I am very excited about this adventure.
Thank you for joining me. It will be brilliant, and so much
fun, having you along! Til next time then?

DragonSpirit-  龙的精神

P.S. One more small thing- Dragons, are very fond of , 24K Gold!
       So to  help you visualize-... each week, we shall, take a look
       at some form of TREASURE! Good idea? Please do not hesitate
       to share your ideas of treasure!

Great Wealth, and Great Success be yours!


  1. Greetings Dragon Spirit-
    This is a beautiful and restful place to
    visit. It is a great first post!

    Prince Adrian

  2. Hallo Dragonspirit,
    this is a wonderful opening blog. Great writing, I can't wait to read the next blog and to follow your journey back to Dragonwealth.
    How often are you posting new blogs and when?

  3. Prince Adrian,
    Thank you for your kind words. I am honored by your visit!

  4. Hello Eddy,
    Thank you for your visit.

  5. Hello Martin,
    Thank you for your visit. It will be an ongoing
    adventure. And I plan to post new blog every week at first, and then regrularly after that! Please visit often and stayed tuned to the DragonSpirits adventure in Wealth building!
    After all it is all our journey!
    Kind regards,

  6. These gold bars make this wee dragon hungry. Like finding bits of golden snacks leading me to the true splendor of BIG treasure that awaits my seeking being.


  7. Hello Anonymous P.
    Please feel free eat as many of those wee golden bars as you would like! Thank you for being a seeker of BIG treasure. LOL

  8. Weak and wear for the advice of sages and ages to enrich this wicked winged one. I fell from the Net that enfolded me into this niche and hope to sup well upon it's guidance, words, and glorious treasure, heavy with wealth.

    Thank thee for thy deliverence and presence upon this clouded world,

    ^^V^^ ~~~~~ *

  9. Dearest ^^V^^,
    Thank you for your kind words and your visit!
    DragonSpirit shall make her return in October
    with many an interesting tale to tell! Please
    stayed tuned! And thank you again all are welcom
    wicked winged or not! LOL
    This is a Dragon recording for
    Kind regards,


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