Wednesday, August 18, 2010



Hello everyone,

DragonSpirit here, I see we are blessed, with, Yin and Yang, Dragon Visitors. That is most fitting, as our adventure into wealth building is a bit of both, Yin and Yang.

So, how is your week going, so far? Right, mine too, full and busy. Straight away, I wish, to thank all of you, who took, your valuable time, to come for a visit! Thank you so much!

In addition, thank you too, for the nice comments! They are, greatly appreciated.

Have started exploring the ways in which mortals (people) earn money Online. Earning monies online, Can you even imagine it? Seems, mortals are becoming, cleverer by the day, most of them anyway! Then, there are some others!

(Notice, earn, - not make! Because, the only people who make money, work at the mint.)

As I started, seeking out, work at home opportunities, some were legitimate, but most, were not. You know, you would think, people would change, over a few thousand years, wouldn’t you? Ah, but it seems, that is not the case.

What do I mean by that, well frankly , Dragon speaking, SCAMS, cons, sleight of hand, it really all boils down to the very same thing. The more things change... Well, you know the rest.

So many ads, for this, and that, make hundreds of dollars, doing this; make thousands of dollars doing that! People, swearing under oath, that they make thousands by doing... No effort required! Use “my” system, and you will be rich! Take Surveys, earn $150.00 per survey, and earn $50.00 per survey.

Buy “my” book, method, etc. on Monday and become a millionaire by Friday!

Fantastic I thought this is great! All we have to do is ...follow the yellow brick road, and voila’, money worries will be over. We will all have more treasure, than we can possibly carry, and, and, and...

Hmm, very short journey, to discovering the secrets to wealth! However, as one actually began to attempt some of these amazing, miraculous, feats, “only I know how to do it, because I know the hidden secret code, to the treasure vault,” attempts. Nothing, I repeat, NOTHING, which was doing, that glittering, earned me any gold.

In fact, after, hours of effort, I had earned exactly, .08, as in eight=cents, for all that effort! You can imagine how I felt! Right, the same way as you, would or have felt. The glamour and disillusionment, wore off very quickly. And, poof no magic, no hidden secrets... = no gold.

Dragon- NOT HAPPY! Matter of fact, almost forgot I was a Water Dragon once, and started to let off steam, well we know where that is going! basically, ready to start breathing, some very hot fire. Holding a barbeque, inviting all of you, and we wouldn’t, even have to go shopping! Just throw a few, or all of those amazing promise makers, on to the grill! What say you?

Sound good, but not very practical or useful for our journey. Then, something amazing did happen!

I started searching, each and every Survey site, along with the words, is blah, blah, blah a scam? Moreover, many things, (as in, information!) started popping up, about some of those very, “too good to be true,” sites. Along with, one other...

Oh dear, sorry it seems we are out of time. Well, you know how it is now, no longer, a Dragon but a, mortal, in human form no less!

Now, even, “I,” have to be concerned, with such things as time-- Please do not give up on our adventure-- more to come! On, the most, amazing, spectacular, miraculous, wondrous, yada, yada, yada. Sorry, just could not help myself! See you next post!

Until then, remember the words of, Napoleon Hill- “A quitter never Wins, and a WINNER NEVER QUITS!”

And our personal mantra, WE LOVE MONEY, AND MONEY LOVES US! Say it!

Great wealth and great success be yours,

DragonSpirit out.


P.S. Visual for Wealth- Money trees!
       Oh, how lovely, and now I have a new favorite tree, for Dragon Garden!
       How many are you planting? LOL


  1. Great post. You definitely understand the pain of looking for legitimate opportunities online. It's definitely a long journey but doing research like you started doing is definitely the key!

  2. Hello Eddy,
    Thank you for your comments- interesting,
    because a Gothic Dragon told me LOL we shall
    be hearing a quite a bit about you in the next
    post! A Brooklyn Knight!
    Make it a great day!

  3. I love the Money Tree. If only my thumb would turn that green to create such wealthy abundance. I want those growing for me now!

    ~ a fluttering pixie

  4. Hello Fluttering Pixie, thank you for coming to
    the Dragon Chronicles of Wealth! Please be sure to take full advantage, of the secret Mantra! LOL
    I might know of an Elf or two, which would be willing to help you, with the growing of things!
    Great Wealth and Success be yours!


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